Always passionate about science, sport and geography, for 7 years I alternated working in the family business with that of a student at the Polytechnic of Turin. On the train I had a lot (but a lot) time to think and read.
Me at Sestriere
As a first activity I dealt with tool locking devices, from relationships with suppliers, to the improvement of the project, assembly and testing.

I dealt with structural and dynamic calculations of the real products of the company: the rotating transfer machines and milling heads. A pure designer: choice of materials and commercial parts, dimensional checks. After various maintenance and commissioning operations I became a product manager and now I supervise the time and methods of finding the resources / assembly of the components.
At the same time I carry forward the automation speech: the electrical and software part (Siemens in my case) plays an increasingly central role for which I have followed courses in PLC, commissioning and writing video pages. I’m still responsible for the electrical / automation part of the company.

I Program in MatLab (intermediate), CN and C ++ (basic).

Since 2008 I have been managing the whole company IT (HW building and maintenance, networking (Zyxel), software, security, cloud storage, back-up). This is also my passion.

I keep my English (IELTS7) and Chinese (HSK3) constantly updated. I dealt with the translation of machine tools instruction manuals in English and French

Software used: Solidworks, AutoCad, Ansys, Office, MatLab, SolidEdge, Photoshop, Acrobat. Experience in Wireshark, Windows Server, hMailServer, various bck sw.
Experience in Web Deploy, IIS, FileZilla, active on Microsoft TechNet

In my spare time, I keep up to date with developments in the economy and IT. And I run. Much.