Tor Lavina

Tor Lavina is the most difficult mountain you can notice from my hometown, Cuorgne’.
Of course it’s not Mt.Everest but it’s considered an EE, F in some points. But always in safety.

Date Park location Elevation Overall height difference
9.6.19 45°32’31.6″N 7°31’52.9″E 3308 m 1958 m


Today i’m strangely not alone. Alberto and his brother Riccardo are with me.
On 9.8.19, at 6 am i’m in the car, and 10′ later i have all the troup with me. Alberto was coming from a bachelor party, and slept only 1 h. Wretched man!

To make the matters worse, they have no lunch with them. Maybe some bakery will open early in the morning but, come on, we are not in China, all the shops are closed in sunday.
In 50′ from Cuorgne’ we are at the entrance parking of “Pian dell’Azaria”, in the little town of Campiglia Soana, a flat path 4 km long that leads to a mountain pasture.
At 07:40 we are asking the middle-aged woman some bread: she has, what a miracle! She’s also available to give us some milk in the afternoon, at our return.
September historically is the best month for the mountains, because the days are usually clear, long-lasting and warm. Of course, as general rule, it’s a best practice to reach the summit before 9 am. That’s because after, the fog will start to raise and the view will be ruined. Nothing fancy. Consider then we’re in the Canavese area.
In this area the mountain pasture are often called “Grange”, singular is “Grangia”. In the ancient time they were the main residence of local farmer, especially cow, both for milk and meat.
I remember i saw the special black cow from Valle d’Aosta, a quite evil and combative cow. In that region, except in winter, you can see “Batailles de Reines”, a man-made event that induces cows to face each other in fights, to establish the hierarchy within the herd.
So from Campiglia go up to the bottom of the Azaria plain to the Grangia Barmaion (1651 m) from here follow the hunting route towards WNW which touches some huts at 1859 m, crosses the “Rio del Rancio” (good also for a night bivouac) and goes back to the chalets of the Rancio (2152 m).
The mule track goes up first to the right then to the left to touch the upper chalets of the Rancio (2240 m). Continue on steep and flat stretches to the junction (2740 m).
From the junction continue on the left the flat mule track for “Colle della Cadrega” up to the Lavina lake.
With the lake on the left go up to the right (there’s a cairn, a man-made pile of stones). The steep stony ground at the top becomes sandy up to the inlet of the east gully (3121 m).
Go up the gully that leads exactly between the two summits of the Lavina, meeting point with those who climb the NNE ridge.
After taking a look at the collar (3241 m), go back a few meters and climb the steep grass and rock slope (even using your hands on good holds) first directly and then going left following the cairn and touching the top of the mountain.
This is the description of the route i was following. Everything perfect until the lake. The, after 45′ of difficult climb into a sort of sand mixed with little pebbles, i was happy: the boring part just finished and now i would have started to climb. No sir.
Alberto was bogged down at 3/4 of the slope and when i asked for more care because the next step was overhanging, he simply stop climbing.
I decided to go down with Riccardo, that in the meanwhile reached my position 100 m below the top.
Let it Be. The descent is long and boring, nobody wants to talk. When we come back to the Grangia Barmaion we are asked if we want the milk, but we are too exhausted and we prefer to keep going.
Just 200 m after, going down, there’s a lovely little church, well preserved. It’s called “Santuario dell’Azaria” and on a couple of occasions each year it’s heavily decorated.
started at 7 from the car, returned at 19. Heavy day, not so good for knees.

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