Monte Cinto

It is said that decisions from Cinto are easier and wiser to take, and it is true. The thing is romantic, more in thought than in reality: at some point I found myself talking to my girlfriend through WeChat 200m below the summit.

Monte Cinto is a mountain in Corsica that is located in the NW region of the island.

Felix Von Cube
Felix Von Cube, pioneer of mountaineering course
Park Le Chalet
View from Le Chalet parking, the end of paved road

The ridge on which it is located has a SO-NE extension (bisector of the 1st and 3rd quadrant) and rises to N on the Asco valley and, to S, on the Niolo region, ie the basin formed by the upper basin of the Golo, the longest river on the island.
To get here, by bicycle, I started from Ponte Leccia, using the Bus line Ponte Leccia – Asco – Haut Asco
15€+10€ for the bike. On the bus boredom arrives quickly and spend time talking with a Thai programmer in Bangkok (I think she was in the field of ERP), who was reaching friends in Haut Asco. I would have done the opposite round (editor’s note: intercontinentally speaking).
Passing through the D147, to the juniper woods (admiring the intricate branches and the pungent leaves that form a confused mass) first and those of larches and maritime pines then, in about 1h you reach the destination.
Once greeted the programmer I tied the bike in front of the Hotel Le Chalet. In terms of cost reduction I used the tent, declining the offer of about € 100 for a BB formula.
The campsite was less than 10 € for the night. The choice was obvious: I had a beautiful pitch on the bank of the Asco torrent (in winter it becomes a beautiful ski slope, opened in the ’60s).

The climb starts early, wake up at 4:55. Remember, if you want to camp, ALWAYS the sleeping bag. Do not do like me. The condensation on the legs does not make you sleep and, at this altitude, the T drops to 10 ° C even in August. Never got so cold in my life.

lights in the night
Lights in the night, at 6 am

At 04:55am i went out from my tent and i wore the necessary clothes. The air was cold and it entered deep into the lungs. After turning on the frontal lamp i walked all the parking in front of the Le Chalet refuge and started the dirt path.

Unsurprisigly i was not alone. A couple of german friends started with me. The night was still deep (as you can see from this beautiful website, the sun rises at about 05:50, frontal lamp turned off at 06:20).

View towards Capu Barbo

I was not the first of the day. Other (big) groups of people were just climing up in the mountain. The first part is not difficult. You can gain altitude after the first 30′ of walking, then there an increased slope with some “via ferrata” and finally you get an esplanade below the top of the mountain. Here you can see the “Lac d’Argentu”. After that you can turn to the right and be prepared to push: the slope here is maximum and flowing: if you have, it’s your time.

After a good half hour with heavy breathing you get the ridge. Your gaze poses on the other side of Niolo region: the Albertacce side.
Here the pathway is not well signaled. I lost myself 3 times, one of them i lost 30′ in total with some dangerous moment of climbing.

Cinto view
Panorama from the top

The final part of the slope is on the south face. The sun was was warming me when, at 08:45 i reached the top with a lot of satisfaction.
You can see Calvi, Albertacce, the Lac de Calacuccia, Paglia Orba (the corse Cervino), the Galeria Bay and the Vergio col.

Some moment of relax and the (long) descent. The sun was high and hot, the soil was slippery, with a lot of sand, and, said between us, a little boring. I arrived at the starting point at 13:30, where my parents where waiting for me and we had a big lunch in Le Chalet.

In one word: the best mountain i ever climbed. Not because it’s beautiful or difficult. Only because i fell it’s mine: Corse is one of my favourite lands and Cinto is the top of her.

Some memories.

Here is the graph of my climb.

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