Corsica is the fourth largest island of Mediterranean.

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3) Eating
4) How to get here
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Corsica map

• Path

Trip map

• What to visit

• How to get here

End of june 2017; Civil Twilight: 05:16 – 05:50 ; 21:04 – 21:38, Total 16:14
Boat cost: AR 310€ – 2 persons, cabin and motorbike. Without cabin 171€ (suggested)
Average hotel cost: 270€/night – 1 room, 4 persons
Motorbike cost: 748 km (~45€) travelled

• Notes

Here you can find what i think it the better climate in the world, the Csb, the “warm dry-summer” according to Köppen climate classification. At high altitude, such as in Haut Asco, it’s possible to find the rare Csc (“cold dry-summer”) climate.
This reminds to me a particular sleepless night, you can read something here.
I was first impressed by this region because of the several times i visited Bonifacio with the inflatable boat in my adolescence and childhood.

From that moment my curiosity about how was the remaining part of the region increased.
My first real trip discovering Corsica has been in June 2017, in the final part. With 2 scooters, me and my family started from our home in Cuorgne’ and reached Bastia using only secondary roads (my scooter is a 125cc, not allowed in the highway traffic).
Once in Corsica you can notice from the starting particular lights and smells… If the day is shining it’s really a good experience.

A central spine of mountains running north–south right along its length, makes travel from (and communication between) one side to the other difficult, isolates Corsicans even from themselves.

Brief history

• What to eat

Corsican cuisine has much in common with italian cuisine (as well as the language) and only marginally with the one of Nice and Provence.
The most spread products are Chestnut, Cheese, Charcuterie (cold cuts, main of “porcu nustrale”, the corsican pig), Olive oil, Wine (notable is the one produced in Patrimonio area for example)
Personally i find breakfasts very satisfying: with aroubd 10€ you can have a full meal with coffee, milk, orange juice, butter, bread and jam. And maybe even a brioche.
In Cargese, at Le Yuka i tasted a fantastic salad made by dark tomatoes with various other vegatables and many other meats.
In Bonifacio i tasted “Aubergines farcies à la bonifacienne”, a kind of eggplant stuffed with cheese and bread.

• Photo gallery


Olmeto tower in south of Corsica.

Bonifacio tourist map

Lavezzi Island, the southernmost point of metropolitan France

Col de Teghime

Col de Teghime, connecting Bastia to Saint Florent

Golfe de Girolata

Golfe de Girolata, under Calvi


My scooter, a Derbi GP1 125 of 2006

Colazione in capitaneria

Hydrogenated fats, be careful

Scala di Aragona

Built on one night to ensure water supply during a siege

Pertusato lighthouse

Pertusato lighthouse, 1844. Active; focal plane 100 m (328 ft); two white flashes every 10 s


Sunrise over Bastia at ferry landing


View of the white cliffs of Bonifacio at sunset

Capo Fenu

All along this path, you will encounter the remains of buildings confirming human activity of the past

Sunset II

It indicates the port of Bonifacio and a first approach to the military heritage