Sometimes machines get broken. Sometimes they are far away from home. For that reason i plan trips and then they don’t react as i want (sometimes).
In that April i was active in Caen, a city in the northern France. You know when you start, but not when you will come back.
The plan was to stop 1 night in Portofino and have an hike to San Fruttuoso. It failed because of the machine that didn’t want to start anymore. 1 night more in France and 1 less travelling.
At the end we succeed, we took our airplane to come back in Turin in the late evening of a friday of the end of April 2018 and I arrived at my girlfriend’s home at 1am of Saturday.
Wake up at 5am and start driving at 6am. Because a ferry was waiting for us. I was completely stunned for the fact i didn’t fall asleep during the car travel (5h).

Central Italy encompasses four of the country’s 20 regions: Lazio, Marche, Tuscany and Umbria. It covers 1/3 of Italian surface and contains 1/3 of Italian citizens. Good statistics over there.
The gentle climate and the good economic conditions let the people enjoy a quite high living standard.
Here Rome, the Italian capital, has been located here around 2800 years ago, maybe by Aeneas.

1) Path
2) What to visit
3) Eating
4) How to get here
5) Notes
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Montedoglio Lake

• Path

• What to visit

Once arrived in the Island (look the How to get here section below)
The hotel we chose, called Hotel Yacht Club is located in the north part of Elba, in Marciana Marina, just 500m from the dock and the main set of a famous Italian TV series, I delitti del BarLume.

In the beginning of may the temperature is ideal for running and the place deserve a deep stroll or a run for the promenade of among the little alleys.
Nearby there are many point of interest such as Sant’Andrea or Fetovaia beach.
A particular attraction is the Cabinovia Monte Capanne: a cable car transports passengers up to the island’s highest point, Monte Capanne (1018m), in open, barred yellow baskets. After a 20-minute ride, passengers alight and can scramble around the rocky peak to enjoy an astonishing 360-degree panorama of Elba, the Tuscan Archipelago, Etruscan Coast, and Corsica 50km away. The cost is not so high, but panini are very expensive!

Capoliveri, the main town in the southeastern part of Elba Island, is a charming town perched on terraced ridge of Monte Calamita and since ancient times has been a land of vineyards and fine wine.
In addition to the delightful town whose narrow streets convey a typically picturesque Italian style, Capoliveri brims with sights of historical and cultural interest, such as the Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie, the Spanish base of Forte Focardo, and the partly ruined Church of San Michele.
You cannot talk about Capoliveri without mentioning Monte Calamita, which lends its name to the peninsula that forms the southeastern side of Elba Island. The local abundance of magnetite affects the needles of old compasses.
Finding a parking space is always hard and expensive work!

Elba is quite easy to travel by car, especially during the low season (even if nowadays it harder and harder to speak about low and high season, considering the internetinal temper of the contemporary tourism)

After disembark from the ferry (as usual, a very early rising), we moved noth east toward Siena. I don’t remember so well the distance, but we left the hotel at 6am and at 10am we were in Piazza del Campo, the main square of Siena: The Palazzo Pubblico and its Torre del Mangia, as well as various palazzi signorili surround the shell-shaped piazza. The twice-a-year horse-race, Palio di Siena, is held around the edges.
I left the car in via Roma, just outside the medieval walls.
Nearby i also suggest to visit the Fortezza Medicea (late XVI century) and the local Duomo, similar in style to the Florentine Santa Maria del Fiore but unlike Florence or Pisa, Siena did not build a separate baptistry. The baptistry is located underneath the eastern bays of the choir.
The next stop would have been S.Marino state but in the middle we passed aside Montedoglio lake, an artifical basin that was created for irrigation and as a water source for drinking.
Many photos and some damage to my car’s roof…

San Marino is an enclave microstate, on the northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains, completely surrounded by Italy.
Tourism and banking are the country’s main source of revenue.
The fortress of Guaita on Mount Titano is the main attraction. It served briefly as prison
The state is very small (61 km2) but it’s very well administred: the parking is expensive but easy to find, since they built a huge parking on the side of the mountain.
Here an interesting article about the extreme points of San Marino.

The near Rimini is a city totally oriented to the mass tourism, having built his fortune on the economical boom of Italy, from 60s to 80s.
Currently, with the downfall of discotheques and the population aging, this place is still crowded, especially in high season, but the splendor of the ancient times will never be recovered.

• What to eat

The best dishes i’ve tasted:

As you can notice i stopped in a couple of place during the return trip, i dindn’t proceed according to a straight line :-).

• Hot to get here

Elba Island is a choice made by pointing the finger in a random way on a kitchen apron (with an Italian map painted on it).
The travel from Turin is quite long: 5h and then you have to consider the ferry (45′). Moby Lines and Toremar are the most frequent boats you can see in the Portoferraio harbour. Tickets on line or on the pier.

• Notes

The typical mediterrean climate of this area is the ideal for the physical activities you can imagine in the half season. Even if you find a light rain, the temperature will not depress your attitude.

The Appennine part has Alpine climate.

This trip hasn’t been so cheap: i remember > 200 EUR/night

• Photo gallery