Some general remarks about running. It’s not easy, it’s not difficult. You need persistence and wisdom.
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Characteristic Description
SAN (Anaerobic threshold) Max speed at which lactic acid is constant in the muscles [around 4 mmol/l]. Fundamental in 10000 m
SAE (Aerobic threshold) Min speed at which lactic acid is constant in the muscles [around 2 mmol/l]. Fundamental in marathon
CAN (Anaerobic capacity) Max bearable quantity of lactic acid, usually reached on 800 m.
CAE (Aerobic capacity) Duration at which is possible to mantain the SAN speed (40′-60 ‘). Fundamental in 10-20 k
VO2 max Speed at which an increase in energy requirement, does not correspond to an increase in oxigen consumption. It’s related to cardiac output and Arteriovenous difference

The SAN can be approximated by SAN=D*8.12 or SAN=3590/RG10, where D is the max distance covered in 7′ in km and RG10 is the race pace on a 10k in “/km.
Comparing the 2 results is also possible to understand if the athlete is aerobic or anaerobic.
In 10/19 i have respectively 16.3 and 15.6 km. So i’m slightly anaerobic athlete, as 90% of population.

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