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The are very many and those who do sports live more because they protect their health better.
Starting from the theory, i wish to explain a full path to learn how to appreciate this, starting from the advantages it creates:
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A famous study by Harvard University (later taken up all over the world and now universally accepted) on 17,000 students followed from 1916 to 1950 showed that the cardiovascular risk curve decreases with increasing physical exercise practiced up to a minimum with 6-8 hours a week; as physical activity increases the risk of death slightly rises again.
The Harvard study should have convinced that not only is it advisable to play sports, but it is necessary. Why lose a few years of your life expectancy just because you think the sport is boring or too tiring?

  • Sport can fight obesity: especially after the age of 35, when the metabolism tends to decrease, the sport help to brun calories.
  • The benefits of sport on the heart: Sport increases HDL cholesterol, the so-called good cholesterol (as opposed to LDL cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol), and reduces the resting pulse. Imagine a machine being used for 30 years at 65 bpm average, and another at only 55. The difference is about 160 million pulses saved: that means about 5.5 years of good life more.
  • The benefits of sports on hypertension: Sport (aerobic like cycling, running, endurance swimming etc.) practiced at medium-high intensity and at least three times a week (optimal are 5 weekly sessions) is an excellent cure for essential hypertension. Improvements on the subject’s emotional tension (physical activity promotes the release of endorphins), greater capillarisation (the development of coronary microcirculation significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular accidents), decreased blood viscosity, reduced peripheral resistance, etc. are just some of the reasons that lead the race to reduce blood pressure (especially the minimal one).
  • Sports activity and cancer: The sport does not cure cancer, but it certainly acts indirectly on some of the main causes of cancer: it limits overweight, raises the immune system, lowers the levels of insulin in the blood, activates the colon, reduces the level of hormones that are factors of cancer risk (such as estrogen and testosterone).
  • The benefits of sport on immune defenses: some people, since they do sports they no longer get a cold or flu.
  • Sport and stress: The calming action of sporting activity (especially the long and slow one) should be known to all: playing sports allows you to disconnect from everyday problems and recharge for the following day. Endorphins are the cause
  • Effects of sport on musculoskeletal efficiency: Sport prevents muscle and bone decline (especially in women, counteracting osteoporosis)
  • Sports activity and hormonal stimulation: The only safe way to increase HGH (生长激素) is to play sports.
  • The psychic benefits of sport: Those who play sports must continually undergo tests of physical efficiency (training) that have as their first psychic effect the increase in willpower and endurance strength.


How to start running

The first thing to say is to decide what you want: a personal best or simply mantain a certain physical form.
The second goal is surely easier: 50km per week are enough. If you have never run it’s better start from 5-6km every other day, in a non-consecutive manner, that is alternating running fractions with walking ones. Increase the distance when the feeling is good and the workout is felt as easy.
When you are able to run 10km in 1h, your fitness level is decent, and you can simply mantain this level of fitness (maybe for you entire life…) or, going on reading and understand how the body works.
For running the weight is fundamental: before starting to have this kind of behavior, check to have a BMI below 25: an higher one means excessive joint wear.
You can use
When you find your ideal weight (for a runner is around 20), keep it for long time within the inevitable obscillations of 1 kg. Weight yourself just woke up in the morning, after a normal routine during the previous day.
Hope the following articles can help you.


The basic of exercise physiology consist in Nutrition, Energy handling at microscopic level and Energy handling at macroscopic level.
Energy retrieval in human body


The applied exercise physiology is a good help for understanding how to improve the performance of human body: aerobic and strength training cover almost all the possible way of training.
Altitude, temperature and gravity have a deep impact on how the training. Diving sports deserve a speech apart.

Ordinary life

One of my best athlete is Nick Symmonds… reading the training log, i caught a lot of useful information about workload, during the week and during the year.
Body composition is both cause and effect of a performance, it’s possible to study the body of champion athletes on one side and overweight-obese persons in the opposite.
A moderate and regular physical activity is helpful for a successful aging.
I started without knowledge bases, a simple 10k after several years passed playing football. I ended in about 55′, good conditions.
After the theory it’s suitable to dovetail your tasks (job and family above all).
I often find myself around the world repairing machine tools or trying to take some of them home to build.
Here’s how I do WU before the day, certain times it’s necessary to wake up at 05:30, but it’s not a problem:
Mulhouse, France
Torino, Italy
Caen, France
At the end, if it’s love it’s not a privation.

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