List of Cognitive Biases

Availability heuristic: Since if you have clear in your mind a concept, you will think to it when you have to take a decision. When i was a kid i never had the possibility to go to the school by bike or by feet. It seems some people would rape me away. In that time a lot of foreigners were moving to Italy from outside. Inside their groups the criminality rate was highers that in the whole population, but in any case the number of overall crimes was slightly declining in those days.
I miss many bike rides to scholl with the sun in my front.

Attentional bias: I smoked for a period of my life. It was 2012 and it has been a period of discovery. When i burnt my first cigarette i was on the top of COOP building nearby my home. Perfect location, good vybes and light. I rolled a “Golden Virginia” tobacco with a cigarette paper that now i cannot remember, maybe “Smoking”. A kind of heaven on Earth. Since that, each time i roll a cigarette it’s kinda like i really relive that moment.
But remember, SMOKE KILLS.

Illusory truth effect: my granfather used to repeat “How sad is Venice!”. Venice is a sort of metaphore for “the old age”.
After some time i joined that information and started to feel the third age as a sort of swamp, where you cannot move.
Keep running, it’s the best way to avoid this. Repetition help the people to accept a statement in a better way but it’s only a bias.

Mere-exposure effect: Running hasn’t been always my passion. I started to love volleyball, then soccer and finally running.
I tried and i liked it. While the time was passing the relationship became deeper and deeper, but i didn’t chose to practice that activity. It has been a kind of mutual exchange.
The more you are familiar with something, the more there are probabilities you will be comfortable with it.

Context effect: when i need to shop some product for everyday life i notice i’m much enjoying the athmosphere of some local market rather than others: cleanliness, lights, etc…
If you go out with girls, bring them in some cozy restaurant!

Cue-dependent forgetting: we’re not computers, so we can’t open explorer and look for a word. However we’re more powerful in some way. Yesterday evening a friend of mine reminded me an home i just removed from my memory, located near Verona (Cazzano di Tramigna).
Starting from that cue i remembered many particulars related to the house and the period we were speaking to spend new year’s eve there.

Mood Congruent Memory Bias: I always been a solitary but extroverted person. Sometimes i feel loneliness as a weight, some other as an opportunity. Some other i simply like because maybe i’m just waiting for a good activity that is going to start.
It’s likely you will remember positive things during positive mood-moments, and viceversa.
I’m quite strange under this point of view. During negative moments i think about the good old times, and during the positive simply i enjoy the moment.
This behavior needs to be inspected.
in 6.2.18 i’ve been in Cargese with my motorbike and my girlfriend. Everything has been perfect, the nostalgy filter just faded some memories that, at that time, where quite heavy (we rode 8h that day).
But in my point of view, fatigue leads to results. And contributes to add positive powder to a just positive situation, creating a LEGENDARY DAY