Cap Corse

Cap Corse
Capicorsu is the northest area belonging to Corsica, a 40 km long peninsula (10 km wide) shaped as a finger.
Bastia and Saint-Florent are located at the base while the village of Barcaggio, just below the Giraglia island, is placed in the north.
The picturesque coastal road D80 has many consistently stunning sceneries and circumnavigates the whole peninsula. In many places the road is bordered by a drop of hundreds of meters unprotected by guardrails.
The climbs are many, especially in the west side of the finger, while the other is quite flat.
From the Bastia port the best tour for the sceneries is the facing north the D80 road towards Macinaggio.
After 10 km the fishing village of Erbalunga is shelter on a rocky peninsula, with a genovese tower (one the about 90 build here)

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