Sometimes doing a personal balance of your life is important, both from an existential and from an economic point of view.
If you want to manage your body, you cannot avoid to know what’s your weight. In the same way you have to do with your heritage.
All these considerations start from the hypotesis of an ideal heritage (the one compatible with your standard of living).

Heritage=static share+dynamic share

General rules:

  1. The necessary liquidity is equal to the expenses of at least three months
  2. The dynamic share must have maximum liquidity
  3. The non-repayable portion must be minimized in percentage terms
  4. In the personal static share the essential part must be little perishable
  5. The additional share must be minimum for assets that lose value
  6. The additional share may be significant for goods that purchase or do not lose value.
  7. In evaluating their investments, only the additional (6) and the investable share must be considered.