A single photo is sometimes not able to represent everything that is visible in a vantage point. For this reason, I started creating panoramic images, merging 4-12 photos together to get a better glance.
Being fairly weighed, I use the online host service imgur to keep my photos.
Of course, even singular pictures are important. I hold the most important for me in BestOf section.

You can open the link below the picture to see the full size photo.
For a better experience, paste coordinates in Google Earth. All the coordinates show the point where the pictures were taken.

Caen cathedral
6.25.18, Church of Saint-Pierre from Château de Caen rampants (built by William the Conqueror in 1060).
49.185129, -0.361709
Qinghai lake
8.18.18, Qinghai lake, the China largest.
36.554303, 100.650492
Zhangye Danxia Geopark
8.20.18, Sunset in Zhangye Danxia Geopark, erosion’s miracle.
38.960739, 100.061664
3.3.18, City view from the top of Santa Maria del Fiore: built in 175 yrs, finished in 1471. Brunelleschi as main architect. 43.773087, 11.255463
Piazza della Signoria
3.3.18, Palazzo Vecchio from Piazza della Signoria: today’s municipality offices and old Italy’s parliament, XIV sec. 43.769565, 11.255494
Monte Cinto
8.6.18, Monte Cinto summit 2706 m slm. One can note Paglia Orba (Corse’s Cervino) in the right. 42.379536, 8.945717
8.16, Panorama from my home, Cuorgne’, Graie alps
Monte dei Cappuccini
7.17, Panorama from Monte dei Cappuccini 283 m slm, Turin, looking Graie alps. 45.059863, 7.697194
7.17, From Chiesanuova, Piemonte, Mount Quinzeina in the bottom. 45.417983, 7.657002.
45.417983, 7.657002
Moncenisio lake
9.30.18, Lac du Mont-Cenis, France. The pyramid built here commemorates the Napoleon’s Egypt campaign 1798-1801. 45.239990, 6.949771
6.17, Place Jean-Jaurès, Saint-Étienne, city of design and industry, France. At the bottom the Cathédrale Saint-Charles-Borromée. 45.441244, 4.385515
Lac Rosset
23.7.17, Lac Rosset, Turin, Graie alps (2703 m). 45.500882, 7.135871
Le Gouvernail de la Corse
6.24.17, Le Gouvernail de la Corse, Bonifacio, Corse. From the back of the marine cemetery you can access a complex network of tunnels. 41.385827, 9.149179
Punta Sardegna
6.25.17, Punta Sardegna, Palau, Sardegna. In the middle the PS lighthouse, headquarters of an oceanographic laboratory. At the bottom Spargi Island. 41.2061577 9.3627024
Spargi from La Maddalena
8.11.17, La Maddalena island, Sardegna. At the bottom Spargi Island. 41.2198257 9.3781624
Roccia della Strega
8.7.17, Spargi island, Sardegna. One can distinguish the witch’s rock. 41.2291718 9.3415155
Punta Helbronner
1.7.17, Punta Helbronner, Aosta Valley. From the panoramic terrace one can distinguish the “dente del gigante” in the middle. 45.8457756 6.9316907
Porto Rafael
9.26.17, Porto Rafael, Palau, Sardegna. In the north of Palau, this village, built in 1960′ is destination for entertainment and industrial figures. 41.184578, 9.377610
Cala Ferrigno
8.14.25, Cala Ferrigno, Spargi, Sardegna. Originally home to a sailing school and now belonging to a private individual; there is a jetty. 41.245360, 9.355042
Bocchetta Valsoera
9.15.17, Bocchetta Valsoera, Alpi Graie, Piemonte. Between 2 artificial lakes for the production of electricity. Some local mountain’s name are marked. 45.493740, 7.382985
Plaça de Catalunya
12.31.17, from Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. It’s possible to find the typical “castell” (a kind of human tower) here, during La Mercè festival. 41.375019, 2.149177
Roque Nublo
1.2.18, from Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria, Spain. Formed by a volcanic eruption around 4.5 million years ago (Pliocene). 27.970612, -15.612828
8.15.17, between Vernazza e Monterosso, Liguria. In the middle of 5 Terre, once a fishing village, today a turistic place. 44.147083, 9.676024
The one
12.15.17, External dock of “the ONE”shopping mall, 香港. One of the various shopping mall present in Nathan Rd. 22.2996826, 114.1721878
The one
12.15.17, 太極園 (Tai Chi Garden), 香港. Tai Chi is an ancient chinese internal martial art, today is seen especially as fitness activity. 22.276709, 114.160515
Victoria Peak
12.15.17, 凌霄閣 (The Peak tower), 香港. Prominent among European residents because of its panoramic view, today is the top HK’s sight. 22.271362, 114.150116
La Maddalena nord
8.4.16, North of La Maddalena, Sardegna. Viewpoint towards the namesake archipelagus. 41.265049, 9.420685
Col de l'Iseran
9.30.18, Col de L’Iseran, Rhône-Alpes, France. Highest car pass in France and in Europe (2770m slm). 45.423225, 7.054140
Fortezza del Priamàr
11.3.18, Fortezza del Priamàr, Savona, Italy. Core suring moderng age, it was progressively abandoned after Napoleon fall. 44.304955, 8.483556
Fortezza del Priamàr
11.3.18, Fortezza del Priamàr, Savona, Italy. Core suring moderng age, it was progressively abandoned after Napoleon fall. 44.304955, 8.483556
Tour Eiffel
5.17.18, Paris. That’s a view of the SE face of Tour Eiffel, visited in a hurry in the may of 2018. 48.857981, 2.293452
11.20.18, Etroubles, Aosta Valley. Going towards the hill of the great St. Bernard, the weather can be very variable. This is the first snow of the season 18/19. 45.823639, 7.183159
Orco fields
12.08.18, Campi dell’Orco, Cuorgne’, Piemonte, Italy. Some fields i ran across many times. 45.3934, 7.6564
12.16.18, Bern Minster, Switzerland. A “Minster” is a title given honorificly to some special churches. We’ve been there during a christmas market visit. 46.947123, 7.451163
Lago d'Orta
21.12.18, Monte S.Giulio, Piemonte, Italy. S.Giulio was born in Greece and ended his days evangelizing the area of Lake Orta. 45.804512, 8.381625
La Morra
2.5.19, La Morra, Langhe, Piemonte. In the middle of the Barolo area, La Morra is also home of Fontanafredda wine cellar. Here another view, 180° behind. 44.637607, 7.934710
2.16.19, Place du Palais, Monaco. In that place you can smell the scent of money. The parking is not a problem except the price. 43.731468, 7.421340
Mont Chauve
2.16.19, Mont Chauve, Nice, France. A well known climb among cyclist. 43.770487, 7.254608
Mole di Torino
1.27.19, Mole Antonelliana, Turin. Initially conceived as a new Jewish temple, in some sunday it’s not so crowded to take the elevator until the top passing throught the cinema museum during the ascent. 45.068845, 7.693292
2.27.19, La colline du Chateau, Nice, France. Perfect for running (in the castle hill is also possible to have some interval training on slope) during the winter, this balcony offert a view sur toute la promenade. 45.804512, 8.381625
5.11.19, Erbalunga, Corsica, France. Coming here by bicycle after half an hour of pedaling from Bastia seems to arrive at Lavandonia in search of the Pokeflute. 44.050963, 9.832816
Via Buniva
5.1.19, Via Buniva, Turin. I spent a lot of happy time here. 45.069496, 7.697615
4.16.19, 天安门, 北京. 中华人民共和国万岁! The cleanliness of this part of China is very remarkable. 39.906607, 116.391713
Col de Teghime
5.12.19, Col de Teghime, Bastia, France. A gate between Bagnaia and Nebbio regions, it’s a pleasure to go there by bicycle. On background, the “Stagnu di Chjurlinu”. 42.677241, 9.385401
Sella dell'Acciatore
4.27.19, Sella dell’Acciatore, Isola di Capraia, Toscana. Wind and sunshine will keep company throughout the climb. Giraglia island will be there waiting for you. 43.034268, 9.806228
The Bird's Nest
4.18.19, The Bird’s Nest, 北京, 中国. After 10pm it’s impossible to access the are, but even from the metro station, the view is worth the visit. Bolt broke here for the first time the 100m world record on 8.16.08. 39.988888, 116.387840
Piccadilly circus
5.31.19, Piccadilly Circus, London, UK. The phrase it’s like Piccadilly Circus is commonly used to refer to a place which is extremely busy with people. It has been said that a person who stays long enough at Piccadilly Circus will eventually bump into everyone they know. During World War II, “Piccadilly Circus” was the code name given to the Allies’ D-Day invasion fleet’s assembly location in the English Channel. 51.509809, -0.134677
Cathedral of Saint Paul
6.1.19, Cathedral of Saint Paul, London, UK. Rent a bike or a multi-day metro ticket and start loving this city. Have breakfast at Joe’s Kitchen (behind my back here) and healthy dinner at Poppies. 51.513628, -0.100190
The Shard
5.31.19, The Shard, London, UK. London Bridge is falling down. Nobody knows who is the “fair lady”. 51.505055, -0.075824
Capo Testa
6.2.19, Capo Testa, Sardinia, Italy. Sometimes, in the northernmost point of Sardinia, some old men come to you and start talking like you. 41.243646, 9.142980
Desert des Agriates
6.30.19, Desert des Agriates, Haut Corse, Corse. The first spot chosen by the French government for nuclear testing was fortunately quickly discarded. The finger is on background. 42.655725, 9.171115
Plage de l'Alga
6.30.19, Plage de l’Alga, Calvi, Corse. If you don’t feel like swimming, wear your Arc’Teryx and be proud of him. This beach is easily accessable from D81B via a dirt road. 42.655725, 9.171115
Lago Nero
7.7.19, Lago Nero, Graian alps, Italy. 1h from the bigger lake of Malciaussia: Stura di Viù is the inflow and also the outflow, the reservoir has been built in 1920s for the generation of hydropower. 45.199480, 7.151691.
6.30.19, Porto, Ota, Corse. The Tour Génoise de Porto à Ota, built in the sixteenth century, was designed to monitor the entrance to the Gulf of Porto. No bread and jam in the nearby bars pour le petit déjeuner. 42.269437, 8.692542.
Bocca d'Oru
8.10.19, Bocca d’Oru, Isolaccio di Fiumorbo, Corse. On the border between Corse-du-Sud and Corse-du-Nord. The most beautiful point of GR20, the right one for my cramps. 42.018589, 9.218783.
8.5.19, Calenzana, Corse. The walk has just begun but I had just lost. 42.503620, 8.857969.
8.4.19, Citadel of Calvi, Calvi, Corse. According to legend, Christopher Columbus supposedly came from Calvi, which at the time was part of the Genoese Empire. 42.569073, 8.761808.
8.4.19, Citadel of Calvi, Calvi, Corse. In the back side of the citadel it’s possible to overlook the entire bay and the prolific touristic port. 42.567531, 8.759614.
Croce Rossa
9.15.19, Croce Rossa, Graian Alps, Italy. The name of this 3552 m mountain comes from the rocks shape and color viewable from Peraciaval lake. 45.260352, 7.135650.
Tainan lighthouse
11.9.19, Tainan lighthouse, 台南市 (Táinán), Taiwan. Entrance of the fishermans harbour and also middle point of one of my early morning runs. 22.983704, 120.144492.
Pian del Lupo
27.10.19, Pian del Lupo, Piemonte, Italy. Proscenium above Canavese area, the tar has just been added because of tour of Italy competition. 45.439165, 7.647495.
Harbour City
11.9.19, Harbour City, Hong Kong, China. One Hong Kong’s premier shopping destination, i stayed here 1 night contemplating the Rayleight’s scattering during sunset.22.299689, 114.167094.
Dragon's Back
11.9.19, Dragon’s Back, Hong Kong, China. I would never judged HK as the perfect place for hiking. From certain perspectives it’s possible to see the back of a chinese dragon. 22.239193, 114.242126.
Hong Kong promenade
11.8.19, Hong Kong promenade, Hong Kong, China. The most famous postcard of HK because of the neon lights on the scyscraper. In front of the nearby Starbucks there’s the Bruce Lee tribute statue. 22.293036, 114.170921.
Shek O beach
11.9.19, Shek O beach, Hong Kong, China. Literally “rocky bay” it has been famous for lobsters, nowadays it’s a typical western style beach with facilities. 22.228912, 114.251566.
Kunming Lake
4.21.19, Summer palace, Beijing, China. Enchanting stage during a first visit in Beijing. It overlooks the Kunming Lake, Longevity hill and 17-Arch Bridge. Climb the hill before 1730. 39.997050, 116.271439.
Stair of the turks
1.2.19, Stair of the Turks, Porto Empedocle, Sicily. This kingdom of marl is a UNESCO spot. Before landing in Sicily that was the only trip-target i had there. 37.289774, 13.472730.
Castellamare del Golfo
4.21.19, Castellamare del Golfo, Sicily, Italy. Famous for tourism, banditry and mafia (one of the five New York familes has origin here). 38.031194, 12.874030.
Isola delle correnti
3.1.19, Isola delle correnti, Sicily, Italy. Empty at the beginning of january and elegiac also. Some girl could ask you to have children together here. Pay attention. 36.647446, 15.079804.
Ariano Irpino
1.1.20, Savignano Irpino, Avellino, Italy. From the Guevara castle the view is stunning, but you have to climb, or wait for opening days. 41.229527, 15.174982.
Ariano Irpino
1.2.20, Ariano Irpino, Avellino, Italy. From Hotel Biffy, that is a great place for passing 1-2 nights in this part of Italy. Cheap and premium.41.135604 15.081013.
1.2.20, Montoro, Campania, Italy. This is the end of mountain are of Avellino province. The air changes due to the effect of the sea. 40.843778, 14.7615564.
Isola delle correnti
1.3.20, Ravello, Salerno, Italy. A landslide between Salerno and Amalfi didn’t let me cycle on the coast road. What a luck! after the Chiunzi pass i found this place. 40.658804, 14.614522.
1.7.20, My workshop, Rivara, Italy. My office faces SW, so i cannot see this show very often. 45.330919, 7.646974.
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