Ora et Labora

I thought of the website as a recipient of data, experiences, etc… A help for the memory and an opportunity to share knowledge.

But nothing would have been possible without the basics, the product of theory and practice:
The most important: Life in pills

Gibbs free energy
– a thermodynamic potential
– The inflation in Italy from 1947 to nowadays
Coriolis Strength
– A fictious force
Technical notes
– From everyday life
Elastic moduli for homogeneous isotropic materials
– The Young modulus, a mechanical property that measures the stiffness of a solid material
– The most widely used method for solving problems of engineering and mathematical models.
Personal budget
– A way of managing personal finance
– Basics of economics
HSK Grippers
– A fascinating way to clamp HSK tools
Photographic equipment
– One of my greatest hobby
Metallic materials
– The sea of electrons
Difference Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Motors
– It seems obvious, but it is not
Toothing systems
– Gleason vs Klingenberg
– Italian lacks during COVID emergency
– Electrical devices
– Basics of marketing
– The fascinating world of Siemens S120