On a Bicycle

It was just same as a lighting bolt. In the middle of 2016 i wanted to have some path with bicycle.
Not in a competitive way, how do I run, but in a touristic sense.
I remember i had some bad days at that time, because my left knee had Iliotibial band syndrome.
My first goal was to cross Sardinia with bike: pass the Turchino pass and take the ferry in Genova.
The next year it was the turn of the right achille’s tendon, suffering an hasty descent from Verzel peak in late october 2016, so i dropped another time my purpose.
Depending on the european nation you will visit, the railway network is very important to determine your trip quality. For example in Corsica is impossible to put you bike on the train, while in the rest of France and in Italy is very common.
2018 was a good year for travelling, and i experienced my first raid with my B’Twin Triban RC100 with 23.622 / 700x23C – 28″ tyres, equipped with a (not so strong) rear luggage rack and some bags spread on the bike.
The long-distance train start not to far away from my home, around 2h from Porta Nuova station in Turin, the real gate for a cycling holiday.
The advantages are endless:

  • Active holidays improve both the mental and body tightness (= more health)
  • Never boring (“Maldives atoll” effect)
  • Contact with the territory is deeper
  • Contact with people is deeper
  • No parking problems, traffic jams and fines (damn them)
  • Cheaper than other solutions

There are also some negative points:

  • Hygiene not always optimal
  • The climb must be appreciated and respected
  • Need to take care of your body: it’s not made by iron

The last point is the most important: it means that you need a plan in order to avoid injuries.
Depensing on your fitness i would suggest that daily journey:

h of net sport training per week Daily km
0-2.5 40-60
2.5-5 60-80
>5 >80

This is only a guideline which may vary accordind to:

  • Climate (extreme hot and cold temperatures reduce the daily distance)
  • Height difference
  • Motivation
  • Physical body hold: injuries happen also to strong bodies

It’s always advisable to plan the movements also keeping in mind the bus/train lines: they could be useful if you cannot cycle.