A common problem in going outside for some chinese dish is how much things to order and the relative proportin between main dishes, appetizers, and side dishes.
In general a good proposal for a lunch/dinner would be the one below (2 persons). Usually they come all together so there’s no need to specify the order:

锅贴 – Guōtiē – Fried dumpling
油焖笋 – Yóu mèn sǔn – Bamboo shoots in oil

Side dishes
干锅虾 – Gān guō xiā – Dry pot shrimps
麻婆豆腐 – má pó dòufu – Mapo tofu

Main dishes and drinks
米饭 – Mǐfàn
苏打水 – sūdá shuǐ – Sparkling water

Please notice that the main dish, for 中国人, is something we would call side dish

So we have a total of 5 dishes, maybe a little too much for 2 people. I remember that before this lunch i just finished to run and i had only one egg for breakfast. It was easily digested without weight buildup (i think).
55€ in Ristorante Wang Jiao in Turin, on Sunday 11.4.18.