Trips and trick

The journey for many is a passion. For me it is not “just” that.
Here the definition:

Vìàggio: Going from one place to another place, mostly distant, by pleasure or by necessity, by private or public means of transport.

I consider myself an “engineered Flâneur”, mixing the wandering of the first with some quantitative (and also qualitative, if there are any dangers) planning.
Here the main map with the visited places. One day I’ll be able to describe all of them: KMZ


Hong Kong Gansu Monte Cinto North Sardinia Cap Corse Bonifacio Sicily Lavezzi Gran Canaria Corsica London Capraia GR20 Tor Lavina Palau Croce Rossa Taiwan Hunan Guangdong Guizhou Beijing Central Italy Genova-Portofino Foggia - Napoli

It’s important to have the right equipment to immortalize the beautiful spot, so i suggest to give a look to the recommended photographic equipment

I’ve always tried to make the whole definition, not just a part, in my travels. Many travel Or for pleasure (or whatever you prefer) Or by necessity.

All started during my early years at elementary school: geography has been my second passion (after computer) and i learned a lot consulting atlas and maps. Koppen calssification about climate is the most used one.
Koppen map
It’s composed by 2-3 letters, each determining the belongin of an area to a particular climate, for example the area of Melbourne, in Victoria state of Australia, is a Cfb, Temperate oceanic climate:

Letter Meaning Detail
C Temperate climate The coldest month has a mean temperature above −3 °C but below 18 °C
f Without dry season No significant precipitation difference between seasons
b Warm summer At least four months averaging above 10 °C

It’s the climate also of most of France, UK, part of Yunnan province, etc..
Usually, some gajardi Travel blogger describe every f*****g thing they encounter on their journey. I’m not of that kind I plan my travels / routes according to the public: I have my good salary and I live with that. Why do you do this then? you might ask me. Here … Because I love HTML and IT in general. I’ve always wanted to have a site, but not an end in itself. I also love writing and passing concepts, ideas … and leaving something that can be useful to others.
Furthermore, what I discovered during the drafting of the pages: the fact of processing photos, writing experience, takes you in a certain sense to relive them and bring to mind details that otherwise would have been lost. Simple folders in the HDD become treasures from which to draw to tell experiences. Otherwise I would have looked at her in many years, perhaps with her grandchildren (!!), telling how beautiful the grandfather was. Tears …

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