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thoughts and co. | 10/22/2019

Is the world going crazy?

To date, there are quite a lot hotbeds around the world: Turkish-Syrian border: Erdogan wants to occupy a 30 km strip of syrian territory for placing there a few millions […]

thoughts and co. | 10/22/2019

Synch vs Asynch

Eh, the trained eye recognizes him ๐Ÿ˜€ Jokes aside… Asynchronous motor (above) vs Synchronous (below) It is very rare that the constructor of an asynchronous gives a lot of characteristics; […]

thoughts and co. | 01/14/2019

Battling Eight Giants

According to Guy Standing last article Battling Eight Giants with Basic Income there’s a list of 8 big danger in modern age, caused, in my opinion by 2 things: globalization, […]

thoughts and co. | 10/17/2018

Tourism in the world

By viewing this simple table it’s fast to notice that Italy is doing a good job in pushing this sector in these current days. On the other hand, here we […]

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