IELTS writing sample text – 6/20/2020. Salad of ideas

IELTS writing sample text – 6/20/2020. Salad of ideas. Each year, the crime rate increases. What are the causes of crime and what could be done to prevent this rise in criminal activity? It’s dangerous to state the first sentence: in my opinion the crime rate is not increasing or it’s almost stable. Perhaps the… Continue reading IELTS writing sample text – 6/20/2020. Salad of ideas

Is the world going crazy?

To date, there are quite a lot hotbeds around the world: Turkish-Syrian border: Erdogan wants to occupy a 30 km strip of syrian territory for placing there a few millions of syrian refugees. He also took 6 millions euros from EU for assisting them. I think they’ve been spent in missiles Hong Kong: this beautiful… Continue reading Is the world going crazy?

Synch vs Asynch

Eh, the trained eye recognizes him 😀 Jokes aside… Asynchronous motor (above) vs Synchronous (below) It is very rare that the constructor of an asynchronous gives a lot of characteristics; It is difficult that, in an asynchronous, the characteristics are quite flat at low speed, torque and current would not be however so much proportional… Continue reading Synch vs Asynch

Battling Eight Giants

According to Guy Standing last article Battling Eight Giants with Basic Income there’s a list of 8 big danger in modern age, caused, in my opinion by 2 things: globalization, the entry of new competitors in an expanded economy, and, in the developed countries, the raising of the average age. A first palliative, and perhaps… Continue reading Battling Eight Giants

Tourism in the world

By viewing this simple table it’s fast to notice that Italy is doing a good job in pushing this sector in these current days. On the other hand, here we can see the increase quantity of money forecasted to be spent in our country in the future years. Considering a stable population, it means 250EUR… Continue reading Tourism in the world