IELTS writing sample text – 6/20/2020. Salad of ideas.

Each year, the crime rate increases.

What are the causes of crime and what could be done to prevent this rise in criminal activity?

It’s dangerous to state the first sentence: in my opinion the crime rate is not increasing or it’s almost stable. Perhaps the major covering given by the media to everyday reports, permitted by new technologies and easier access to the news, let the people believing we’re under siege or that the society is going to collapse.

It’s important to outline also the scale we’re considering: if it’s local, national or global. Let’s consider the global point of view. Even the poorest countries are getting richer and richer, and that causes a sort of race to appropriate of the new resources made available by the technological development.

Someone once said that 2 minutes after 2 cars were made available, the first race was just done.

It’s human, we can’t erase this thing from our brain but it’s possible to contain the particular inequalities with law: our way of mediating among the human will, and also of ensuring a peaceful life for the most.

Both a lack and an excess of law will lead to a disaster. Since we’re not machines, it’s difficult to say what’s the optimal level of zeal which will ensure the best quality of life.

Human history is a recurrence of creation, peaceful periods and destruction. The loop goes on from thousand of years, and I think it will never stop. Our duty is not to maximize the central period, as the average could say, but to make all of those 3 the less gory as possible.

The best way to achieve this is to study how the things and relations work and doubt a lot about the recipes that are provided to you every day. Crime is just a consequence of the lack of these steps. So, the fight against crime walk in parallel with the path to a better civilization.

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