Is the world going crazy?

To date, there are quite a lot hotbeds around the world:
Hong Kong protests

  • Turkish-Syrian border: Erdogan wants to occupy a 30 km strip of syrian territory for placing there a few millions of syrian refugees. He also took 6 millions euros from EU for assisting them. I think they’ve been spent in missiles
  • Hong Kong: this beautiful city, i visited once in 2017 is currently fighting for mantaining the freedom apart from Beijing clutches. The spark has been the extradition law proposed by mainland, people were concerned that the bill would subject Hong Kong residents and visitors to the mainland Chinese jurisdiction, undermining the region’s autonomy. Up to 2 millions people attended some rally during the 2019 summer and as a result of the protests, many nations have issued travel warnings for Hong Kong. At the end of october, China is losing his patience
  • Chile: in the capital, Santiago, civil protests are taking place (as well as across several cities in Chile), in response to the Metro de Santiago subway’s recent price hikes. The protests, have been considered as the “worst civil unrest” having occurred in Chile since the end of Augusto Pinochet’s military dictatorship. Consider that Chile is the wealthiest country for GDP (PPP) per capita. Similar to some european coutrines. It seems USA’s decisions about some modifications in NAFTA agreements are related to the current situation in Chile

How to manage this? probably the world is seeking a new order, no more accompanied from the major powers, but in a more free and isolationist way. The result is a temporary lack of central leader. Those who remain on the territory tend to a decisiveness behavior

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