According to Guy Standing last article Battling Eight Giants with Basic Income there’s a list of 8 big danger in modern age, caused, in my opinion by 2 things: globalization, the entry of new competitors in an expanded economy, and, in the developed countries, the raising of the average age.
A first palliative, and perhaps a part of the solution should be given by a basic income.
Here the list and a little comment from me:

– Inequality: Gini index is clear, it’s raising in developed countries. In my opinion it’s simply the prices drop which allows people to work less. Money, in this sense, flows from first world to the second… This is not inevitably a bad thing, but the inequality is.
– Economic insecurity: job today is much less stable. Contracts are shorter and skills required are higher in quantity and quality. A basic income here is a priority
– Debt: debt is, for definition, an attempt to live abour one own possibilities. Here the problem is not so much the lack of money as the will of the individual. No basic income here can save the bank account of unfortunate people.
– Stress: a double-edged sword. A good stress and a bad stress both exist. It’s the task of the single people to rely on the first. No basic income.
– Precariat: Look point n.2
– Robot: robot, in my opinion, are an opportunity, not a threat.
– Global warming: conflicting opinions make me think that both the mankind and the Earth are guilty
– Populism: fascist turn or the people got tired of simple surviving?

I think the main problem is the old age pension: in these years a lot of baby boomers will retire and they just made less children compared to their parents, the Silent Generation.
In italy it was 15,5% of PIL in 2016. About the double compared to OCSE average.

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