I’ve been in Guangzhou once. First I looked for a place to leave my luggage and then I rented a bike (MoBike). I think I’ve cycled about 20km. Considering the state of that MoBike, it was something not easy. But i completely forget the fatigue. Excited is the right word to describe the feeling of discovery of new places and cultures and at the same time not know so well what you are going to meet.
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.
Eagles, Hotel California (1976)
Here’s a mosaic I did on Photoshop and HTML+CSS to sum up some of the travels I did: Workplace Hong Kong Gansu Monte Cinto North Sardinia Cap Corse Bonifacio Sicily Lavezzi Gran Canaria Corsica London Capraia GR20 Tor Lavina Palau Croce Rossa Taiwan Hunan Guangdong Guizhou Beijing Central Italy Genova-Portofino Foggia - Napoli It’s not so mobile friendly, and Google will punish me for this.
There are major and minor trips, but they’re all significant and they made me what I am.

Before 2010

Basically only Sardinia and 5 Terre, with my parents. Sardinia is a sort of yearly planned trip. More or less in 95% of my years, i’ve been there at least once. So I’m not going to talk about it any more.


Umbria in April


Did Not Report. I remember only in October I wanted to change my phone while i was in Sardinia, without it being necessary


I started to take pictures and i went to Berna at the end of the year


I got my bachelor degree and i visited Superga Basilica for the first time


The World was starting to move. The aerial connections have become accessible even for people without money like me. This year I made my first big trip: Barcelona. I started my contacts with people from Taiwan as touristic guide during their (boring) weekends in Italy. I’m in the machine tool field, so there are many contacts with taiwanese companies.


Imperia, Levanto and Tainan (Taiwan), my first intercontinental flight


I started my relation with mountains (Quinzeina during spring and Mt. Lion in autumn). Boccadasse, Varese Lake, Gressoney, Santorini and Shanghai. I started to love China.


A transition years. Concerning mountains i climbed: Arbella, Belice, Betogne, Bocchetti di Valsoera, Cima Mares, Lac Rosset, Verzel. For the rest i visited: Imperia, Col de l’Iseran (in motorbike), Portofino, Punta Hellbronner, Saint-Etienne, Venezia, Trieste and Padova. I started to develop my love for Corsica (during a scooter trip) and i also bought a motorbike (old and smashed). In the winter i visited Hong Kong and Kaohsiung, maybe HK is the most beautiful city in the world.


An incredible year, close to perfection. I started to live in Turin, a lovely city in Piemonte. I visited Berna, Lac du Montcenis, Corsica twice, Cote d’Azure, Savona, Elba island, Florence, Genoa and Portofino, Gran Canaria island (top), Lago Maggiore, Malciaussia, Orta S.Giulio, Caen and Paris, Teleccio lake, Central and south of China (top). I climbed Monte Cinto in Corsica with a mixed formula bicycle + bus


I finally went to live alone in Cuorgne’ and i took to another level my bicycle touring. 5 Terre, Portovenere, Capraia Island, Cap Corse , Cervinia, China (Hunan and Guizhou), Hong Kong, Commezzadura, Corsica by bike, by scooter, by air and by trekking (GR20), Cote d’Azur, Croce Rossa peak, London and Bonifacio, Mongenevre, Paroldo (lavender fields), Sicily, Superga by bike, Tor Lavina peak, Hong kong and Kaohsiung, Beijing


I crossed south of Italy sea to sea: from Foggia to Naples, passing throught Amalfi Coast. The COVID arrived and everything has slowed down. I’m lucky that i like to run and to cook, so i did not suffer the tedium. In the meanwhile I also took an english certification (IELTS7), maybe in the future I can use it for Australian purposes. And the mountains are nearby: Barrouard, Nivolet col, Quinzeina, Rosa dei Banchi. With bicycle Sestriere and Corsica in July. In August the 2 big trips: Ireland and Paglia Orba, in Corsica. In autumn I enjoyed a beautiful Turin, in Superga and at the egyptian museum and I visited Pisa and Lucca, going with a friend of mine to a 21k event in Pisa, central Italy. He raced at 4:03. The winter never disappoints, as we went in Ceresole for a lunch at local Genzianella restaurant (tasty and quite cheap)


2021 is the year of Cima Mares. As they say “all the road lead to Cima Mares”. 3 times in 3 months, a good average. In Turin there was an exhibition about Chinese New Year. I participated with my friend JingJing (one of my old teachers) and I also wrote an article, of which an extract has been published on (here the article). I was a 行人, a pedestrian. Proud of this. In the middle of February I visited a point I wanted to go from a long time, Punta Martin, which dominates Genoa. The subsequent hookah has been very interesting. For work I visited Camerana, near Cuneo, for a tilting milling head. Nice sky and lovely (big) factory across the Alpi Marittime.