Running is one of the best ways to discover a place!

It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.

Ernest Hemingway

I thought i was the first to have this kind of thought, but at least Hemingway had the same.
I don’t use the bicycle to explore, i use my own legs. The result is not as wide as using bicycle, but it’s deeper: running you experience thoughts, visions, idea. In that hour of running you are empathizeing the places and persons around you.
running V
– Me (left) and my brother before a test on 5000 m.
Here a collection of scenic running paths. It’s always a good day when you beat the sun sorting out of the bed. So try to find the right sunset/sunrise time for the place you stay and go out!
If you want to delve into… at your own risk. For downloading the gpx file it’s possible to

FL: 10k – 5:51 “/km
No experience (besides soccer). I simply put on my shoes and started running. I went on the road i chose because of my past bike tours. I still have flashes of that day, one of them is the effort and the fear of not getting to the end.

FL: 12k
My hotel is Le Roy Soleil in Sausheim. Starting running at 6 am, even in a cold winter morning, it’s possible to feel the industrial city waking up: the highway is becaming crowded and the shops are opening. On certain period you will face the sun while coming back to the hotel. The final destination is the central Temple Saint-Étienne. Remember to focus more on good warming up in the early morning.