La Morra2.5.19, La Morra, Langhe, Piemonte. In the middle of the Barolo area, La Morra is also home of Fontanafredda wine cellar. Here another view, 180° behind. 44.637607, 7.934710
Monaco2.16.19, Place du Palais, Monaco. In that place you can smell the scent of money. The parking is not a problem except the price. 43.731468, 7.421340
Mont Chauve2.16.19, Mont Chauve, Nice, France. A well known climb among cyclist. 43.770487, 7.254608
Mole1.27.19, Mole Antonelliana, Turin. Initially conceived as a new Jewish temple, in some sunday it’s not so crowded to take the elevator until the top passing throught the cinema museum during the ascent. 45.068845, 7.693292
Nice2.17.19, La colline du Chateau, Nice, France. Perfect for running (in the castle hill is also possible to have some interval training on slope) during the winter, this balcony offert a view sur toute la promenade. 45.804512, 8.381625

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