La Tour18.5.17, Paris. That’s a view of the SE face of Tour Eiffel, visited in a hurry in the may of 2018. 48.857981, 2.293452
Going to G.San Bernardo18.11.20, Etroubles, Aosta Valley. Going towards the hill of the great St. Bernard, the weather can be very variable. This is the first snow of the season 18/19. 45.823639, 7.183159
Orco fields18.12.08, Cuorgne’, Piemonte, Italy. Some fields i ran across many times. 45.3934, 7.6564
Bern Minster18.12.16, Bern Minster, Switzerland. A “Minster” is a title given honorificly to some special churches. We’ve been there during a christmas market visit. 46.947123, 7.451163
Orta S.Giulio18.12.21, Monte S.Giulio, Piemonte, Italy. S.Giulio was born in Greece and ended his days evangelizing the area of Lake Orta. 45.804512, 8.381625

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