La Maddalena nord16.8.4, North of La Maddalena. Viewpoint towards the namesake archipelagus. 41.265049, 9.420685
Victoria Peak16.8.2, Palau, Sardinia. North of Porto Rafael, place of quite near Mia Martini’s home. 41.201588, 9.361108
Col Iseran18.9.30, Col de L’Iseran, Rhône-Alpes, France. Highest car pass in France and in Europe (2770m slm). 45.423225, 7.054140
Savona18.11.3, Fortezza del Priamàr, Savona, Italy. Core suring moderng age, it was progressively abandoned after Napoleon fall. 44.304955, 8.483556
Cappella Sistina Savona18.11.3, Cappella Sistina, Savona, Italy. Less famous than the homonym in Rome, it was built under the same pope, Sisto IV. 44.307686, 8.481674

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