Roque Nublo18.01.02, from Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria, Spain. Formed by a volcanic eruption around 4.5 million years ago (Pliocene). 27.970612, -15.612828
Sopra Vernazza17.08.15, between Vernazza e Monterosso, Liguria. In the middle of 5 Terre, once a fishing village, today a turistic place. 44.147083, 9.676024
The ONE HK17.12.15, External dock of “the ONE” shopping mall, 香港. One of the various shopping mall present in Nathan Rd. 22.2996826, 114.1721878
Sopra Vernazza17.12.15, 太極園 (Tai Chi Garden), 香港. Tai Chi is an ancient chinese internal martial art, today is seen especially as fitness activity. 22.276709, 114.160515
Victoria Peak17.12.15, 凌霄閣 (The Peak tower), 香港. Prominent among European residents because of its panoramic view, today is the top HK’s sight. 22.271362, 114.150116

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