La strega rock Spargi17.08.07, Spargi island, Sardegna. One can distinguish the witch’s rock. 41.2291718 9.3415155
Punta Helbronner17.01.07, Punta Helbronner, Aosta Valley. From the panoramic terrace one can distinguish the “dente del gigante” in the middle. 45.8457756 6.9316907
Porto Rafael17.09.26, Porto Rafael, Palau, Sardegna. In the north of Palau, this village, built in 1960′ is a destination for entertainment and industrial figures. 41.184578, 9.377610
Cala Ferrigno14.08.25, Cala Ferrigno, Spargi, Sardegna. Originally home to a sailing school and now belonging to a private individual; there is a jetty. 41.245360, 9.355042
Bocchetta Valsoera17.09.15, Bocchetta Valsoera, Alpi Graie, Piemonte. Between 2 artificial lakes for the production of electricity. 45.493740, 7.382985

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