Saint-Étienne17.06, Saint-Étienne, city of design and industry, France. At the bottom the Cathédrale Saint-Charles-Borromée. 45.441244, 4.385515
Lac Rosset17.07.23, Lac Rosset, Turin, Graie alps. 45.500882, 7.135871
Le Gouvernail de la Corse17.06.25, Le Gouvernail de la Corse, Bonifacio, Corse. From the back of the marine cemetery you can access a complex network of tunnels. 41.385827, 9.149179
Punta Sardegna17.06.25, Punta sardegna, Palau, Sardegna. In the middle the PS lighthouse, headquarters of an oceanographic laboratory. At the bottom Spargi Island. 41.2061577 9.3627024
Spargi from La Maddalena17.08.11, La Maddalena island, Sardegna. At the bottom Spargi Island. 41.2198257 9.3781624

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