A single photo sometimes it’s not enougth to represent all the viewable in a scenic spot. because of this, i startet to create panoramic pictures, melting together 4-12 photo in order to have a better glance.
Being fairly weighed, I use the online host service imgur to keep my photos.
Of course also singular pictures are important, i keep the most important for me in BestOf section.

You can open in a new tab or window to see the photo full size.
For a better experience, paste coordinates in Google Earth

Caen cathedral18.06.25, Church of Saint-Pierre from Château de Caen rampants (built by William the Conqueror in 1060). 49.185129, -0.361709
Qinghai lake18.08.18, Qinghai lake, the China biggest. 36°33’15.49″N 100°39’1.77″E
Zhangye Danxia Geopark18.08.20, Sunset in Zhangye Danxia Geopark, erosion’s miracle. 38°57’38.66″N 100° 3’41.99″E
Santa-Maria-del-Fiore18.03.03, City view from the top of Santa Maria del Fiore: built in 175 yrs, finished in 1471. Brunelleschi as main architect. 43.773087, 11.255463
Piazza della Signoria18.03.03, Palazzo Vecchio from Piazza della Signoria: today’s municipality offices and old Italy’s parliament, XIV sec. 43.769565, 11.255494

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