The trekking is a travel activity that takes several days. It derives from an Afrikaans word (a language of Germanic origin spoken in South Africa and neighboring countries, a colonial heritage) that suggests the concept of pulling, usually it was the oxen that pulled the wagons of the travelers of that time. To date, the meaning is much more recreational than it used to be. In the past I was a geography enthusiast (I spent many afternoons during elementary school observing maps and atlanti) then, growing up, I switched to practice. That’s travel. On foot, by day (hiking) or more (trekking in the strict sense), by car, by motorcycle, by bike or by plane. No matter how, the important thing is to observe and know new realies. For example, did you know that ethnicity miáo is used to adorn itself with silver and that the quantity worn represents the wealth of the family and is a source of pride? And that from the mountains of Canavese it is possible to witness the darkest nights in Italy? they’re isolated places, I know… and I live there 🙂 This page is a Google Map interface for the mountains I climbed, and remember: