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炕锅羊肉、蘑菇炒肉、红烧茄子 – Baked mutton, mushroom fried meat, braised eggplant I ate this in a remote area in 甘肃, in 18.8. Actually the mutton (up) is my favourite chinese dish. A note for 外国人: let local people choose. Mushrooms at the bottom (my choice) were a DISASTER
牛油果和鸡蛋 – Avocado and egg This is a quick and delicious receipt you can prepare if you find yourself in lack of time: the egg is boiled and the avocado is cut into cubes.
The avocado tree, originating in central America, is famous for being toxic to many animals.
Lasagne – 烤宽面条 Maybe the most famous italian dish, it took a lot of time for cooking (~4h). But at the end it was worth it. Memories from a sunny sunday in 18.6
Chicken wings – 鸡翅 Some sunday brunch MUST be dirty. This is an example. As first you have to bread the wings and finally throw all into boiling oil for 5 minutes with cheerful flame. Good after running workout. Otherwise you’ll have a slight increase in weight

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