Photo Name Description
银耳莲子汤 – Tremella lotus seed soup This soup is slightly sweetened and it’s fantastic served warm. Tremella is a kind of white mushroom that’s possible to find in the wooden trunks
Pollo alla sorrentina – 索伦托鸡 Il Pollo alla sorrentina One of the most popular Campania dishes in Italy and abroad.
In the area of Sorrento, it’s common to cook with tomato sauce and mozzarella, with pepper, salt and basil.
康师傅: 泡面 The Master Kong’s instant noodles are one of the most common substitute for the meal in China.
In my trip in 甘肃 in 18.8 it has been e good ally for those nights when we ended our visit late. Often with beer (see below)
青島扎啤 – Qingdao zhāpí Qingdao beer is one of the most famous beer in China. The first distillery was founded by german people, owner of that zone, at the beginning of XX century. As it often happens the name of a product is the same of the home town. In this case, Qingdao, is a big city in the east China with a unique climate and hosted the sailboat race for the 2008 olympics.

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