A Bunifaziu aria de Roma e mare d’u Laziu
Maybe… but I have found very little of Rome and Lazio.

My story with Bonifacio started many years ago.
Despite being very small, I have known her little by little. Initially, in the late 90′, it was too far for the boat that my family had to reach it (we had base in Palau, Sardinia). Afterwards, once the “right rubber dinghy” had been reached, Bonifacio was faced only in the evening, after a day spent perhaps in Lavezzi or Isola Piana.
The return was at night, navigation is never easy, so we tried never to be too late. Over time, even this “rule” was disregarded little by little. Coming only in August, 3/4 times, I first learned to appreciate the port, where it was always a problem to find a place to leave the dinghy for dinner (After we met Gérard, one of the moorings guys, the problem was solved).
The entrance is majestic, passing through the narrow channel.