At the end of June 2017, while riding my scooter between Ajaccio and Vizzavona, I had a spark, like that of St. Paul on the way to Damascus.
It’s been a while since I wanted to find a new activity (my life was getting quite boring: work –> run –> girlfriend and repeat).
In few words, I wanted more than all of that.
At that time my partner was a chinese student at local university in Turin and she was going to end a stage on the local Confucius Institute, a sort of tentacle of (a sort of) chinese culture ministry to teach language and culture worldwide: the 汉办.
I heard that they were the best in chinese teaching in Turin, so i decided to undertake the voyage.
So far (9.20), it’s been 3 years that I’ve been studying chinese (let’s say 2, 1 has been a sort of “passive learning”…), i got HSK3 certificate in spring 2019 and, unfortunately, there is much that is still unclear to me.

Some useful consideration for beginners:

Inner Mongolia opera concert
Inner Mongolia opera concert.内蒙古地方戏曲